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WORDChurch Saint Louis began its journey in 2012 upon our move from Greater Union Missionary Baptist Church. The journey has been long but well worth it.


Once we left Greater Union, our core group began meeting at Half Moon Village Apartments Complex’s Clubhouse where God showed us favor. Not only were we able to use this building but after a few months, we noticed that none of the checks for use had been deposited. No one else was using the facility and management decided to hold our checks. At our departure, all of our checks were given back to us.  Upon our leave from Half Moon, we occupied a large space at Have Bible Will Travel’s West Port location under the leadership of Pastor Pat Rankin, Sr.  Have Bible Will Travel, who also did not charge us, but began to tithe into our church’s ministry as we also tithed into theirs. 


From here we were offered an opportunity to rent in the heart of the city and rented space from Peace of Mind Church of Happiness (POMCOH) at 5827 Cote Brilliante for a short while but followed God’s call to a space at Have Bible Will Travel’s North County location at 1185 Shackelford Rd, Florissant, Missouri 63031 where we eventually leased the downstairs area. While at this location, we began to see growth. Pastor Ross was asked to assist another church when their bishop was unexpectedly called away to another state. Feeling this could possibly hurt the ministry already growing, Pastor Ross decided to assist in any case and because some couldn't see the bigger view, we lost a couple of members. Then the bishop, who had been called away, encountered a few complications and returned to Saint Louis but God blessed us to join with several members that decided to stay with us. We believe God’s will was served through this merger and we know that our ministry has been strengthened through this connection. 


We moved into our own building and began to watch ministries flourish. Now God has moved us to a new level as we have transitioned to Grace Bible Church! We welcome you to join all of us as God's ministry continues to grow!

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